Santulan Om Meditation (SOM)

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Shreeguru Dr. Balaji Tambe has developed a very powerful Meditation technique, which he calls Santulan Om Meditation. It is based on the philosophy of the Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta and the chanting of Aum (OM).  Its purpose is to integrate matter with energy,  to bring about peace and bliss so that the individual can lead a balanced and fulfilled life. SOM is a seven-step meditation technique that involves the following.

  1. External and internal cleanliness and balance.
  2. Exercises, asanas and kriyas to maintain health at all levels. To treat the body as a temple.
  3. Breathing and pranayam disciplines, including the correct chanting of AUM.
  4. Nada Yoga (Mantra Yoga) - a practice that helps integrate body and mind - to simultaneously, gain automatic control over and become aware of, 'life transactions'.
  5. Laya Yoga - a method to deal with body, mind and energy. To continuously transform and assimilate energy to higher levels.
  6. Meditation in groups and service to society in order to gain an understanding of the ego and of transactional relationships.
  7. A philosophy, to be brought into everyday practice, for harmony, peace and bliss.

Everyone, who has reached a certain basic stage of evolution or consciousness, can follow SOM without difficulty. Essentially it means that when one is ready to take responsibility for oneself, one can begin to learn and practice this technique.

As mentioned before, SOM has been derived from the Vedic knowledge presented in the Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta. It is concerned with what the Indian Tradition calls 'life experiences' -  the more subtle aspects of existence. These experiences do not belong to any one person or culture. They are an expression of universal knowledge - a philosophy as the ultimate and absolute form of meditation. It is designed to use minimum technique for maximum benefit. You do not have to belong to any particular religion or have a particular lifestyle.  You can live as you choose when you practice SOM as long as your ways are suitable to You.

Specially designed kriyas and body postures also form an integral part of Santulan Om Meditation, along with the chanting of AUM, for the realization of the ultimate truth or, the Self. AUM (Om) is the sound that has existed since the beginning of the universe and is used in all religions the world over. The aim of SOM is to cultivate the qualities of friendliness, cheerfulness, compassion and non-attachment - the four pillars that form the basis of human life and lead us to liberation.

Santulan Om Meditation can be learned and followed easily with a guided audio CD (Learn to Meditate by Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe) readily available at book and music stores. The practice of Yoga and meditation together would, of course, lead to superior results.

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