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Many people who would like to practice yoga may not find the time for it. They will not be able to take time out of their routine and stressful activities unless they give great importance to discovering the meaning and purpose of life.

After having worked with people who have little time to spare, I understood their difficulty with this problem. I then took up the resolve to innovate a form of Yoga that could be learned and practiced easily, and appropriating the esoteric kriya yoga techniques practiced by advanced students and Masters, I designed Santulan Kriya Yoga (SKY).

My patients also wanted to practice asanas and pranayam even though they were not in perfect physical health. Therefore, the asanas and pranayam practices from Hatha Yoga that offer good physical health, were integrated into the simple practices of Santualan Kriya Yoga (SKy), Santulan Kriya Yoga Asanas (SKY Asanas) and Santulan Kriya Yoga Bhastrika (SKY Bhastrika).

When I first introduced SKY, it rapidly gained popularity with people of all ages - the very young, as well as the elderly. I had carried out systematic research on the effects of SKY, and after observing good results, introduced SKY to the daily therapeutic program for my patients. Within a month, many were so convinced of its benefits that they continued to practice SKY kriyas at home.

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Over the years, I have received excellent feedback from many people who practice Santulan Kriya Yoga, from all over the world. Commonly recurring comments include - 'SKY is easy to learn!'  'Easily grasped and incorporated into everyday life!'  'It is easy to sustain the practice for years!'  - During a visit to Europe (January 2004), at a seminar I conducted in London, I met a radiant woman named Lisa Taylor, aged seventy four, who was delighted to share that she had learned SKY from me in Pune in 1980. She then eagerly demonstrated SKY Santulan-Balancing for the benefit of all the participants.

In summary, the feedback received from those practicing SKY has been very positive. Many people, with all kinds of ailments, have been able to practice this easy form of Yoga and obtain maximum benefit. Those who have adopted SKY as daily routine have found that it enables them to - enjoy good health, be creative and have peace of mind. With similar purpose, I have presented the simple techniques of SKY in this comprehensive book, to offer others the opportunity to experience the benefits of 'Life in Balance'.

Atmasantulana Village, Karla

September 2010
Balaji Tambe



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