By Shreeguru Balaji Tambe

dr balaji tambe sEvery material body that pulsates or radiates produces a vibration. This radiation or vibration has qualities. These qualities are called Guna in the Vedic sciences. Gunas are the base of Ayurveda and all Vedic sciences. For simple understanding, Gunas are physical qualities as well as psychological qualities that can be transferred to other bodies.

This article has been presented in layman's terms for easy understanding. With so many bodies pulsating in all existence, the average of the vibrations of these pulsating bodies becomes the Potent Cosmic Field. The Cosmic Field has variations depending on the participating pulsations or bodies in a particular location.

Every local field has the capacity to culture and change the properties or Gunas of the body that is introduced into that field (this is the Field Effect or Sanskaar). This concept has not been described in these exact words in the Vedas although this is certainly the basis for Vedic science. My studies and observations have uncovered this relation between modern science and the Vedas, to help create a much-needed deeper understanding and appreciation of the Vedas. The Vedas are the collected knowledge of the five-elemental nature and human experience that has been described not to attract the favour of the Gods but to apply to human beings to have an enjoyable, prosperous and peaceful life. A prayer is a love song to help increase the intimacy between us and that Potent Cosmic Field. Prayers are programs to understand the operations of energy-centers or "Gods".

The applications of the Quantum Field are slowly being accepted across the physical and biological sciences. Many doctors, for example, have been working to expand our understanding of the Quantum Field in health and medicine. One example is Dr. Bruce Lipton, a successful surgeon who left his practice and lucrative teaching tenure to explain to the public the actual way in which DNA and RNA function. He has managed to prove to a great extent the role of the "field" in the development of the human being.

The concept of the "field" is still not understood fully, nor visualized completely. What we know clearly is that a field produces "effects", and these effects can be seen and even measured. Therefore, it is currently called the Quantum Field Effect. It is based on causes or participating bodies that can be identified or enumerated, and although we may not be able to identify their exact contribution, we are able to measure their effects. Gunas are just like that. The word Guna comes from the root Gana or "number". When you add "u", or the effect of the sound "u" in between to the syllables of Gana, it becomes Guna. "U" in between denotes activity. Just like the "U" in AUM. Oil is material with a particular quality, but if it is cultured by roses it acquires a different quality. It becomes an essence and the activity of evaporation is enhanced. In application, many numbers of fields are active at a point where a Guna is expressed.

The word Quantum in modern science is also from quantus or quantity, signifying a measurable number or expression of "how much". The Total Field at any location is an Effect of the numbers of fields "activated" at that spot.

dr bruce lipton dna 150Dr. Bruce Lipton has essentially applied the theory of field effects to his work on Epigenetics. The traditional belief is that DNA expression is unchanging in a person and essentially decides one"s fate. The result of his work is the theory that DNA does not operate unchangingly and its expression can be strongly influenced by field effects. Epigenetics lays emphasis on RNA being the "activated" expression of DNA. RNA brings about the protein manufacturing required by the human body to deal with the stimuli in the environment.

The human DNA contains blueprints for approximately 25,000 to 30,000 proteins. The traditional idea was that one gene is required to copy one protein form. But actually we need more than 1,50,000 proteins for our functioning. Where should these additional protein forms come from? Dr. Lipton explains how particles from the atmosphere entering through the various sense organs, particularly the skin, act as stimuli for protein receptors in the body causing protein molecules to change shape. The receptors are "activated" to ask for certain proteins to be manufactured in response. This is true not only for stimuli in the form of particulate matter, but more importantly, even in the form of pure information. For example, even the reception of sound or a psychological field can affect the protein receptors. Thus, it is only because of the field effect that the rest of the proteins are activated and manufactured by genes. This results in the change required by the body to deal with the stimulus from the atmosphere. All in all, the field of the atmosphere has produced a reaction in the human body that changes the "person". That"s how one can say that one has the chance to change one"s fate (Karma Yoga).

The concept of field effects can be applied to all activities. The Vedas, in fact, provide this pure knowledge (just like Pure Science versus Applied Science). All this pure knowledge has a practical aspect. That practical aspect, as mentioned earlier, is about improving the quality of life. Thus, the entire practical application can be considered "therapy", in a sense. In Ayurveda, an applied form, this same knowledge has been specifically used for health of both body and mind.

Thus, the Vedas are not about "Gods". They are about the pure science required for the creation of a harmonious and sustainable life. The word "God" has been used to denote whatever is beyond perception, that is all.

Broadly, the subjects in the four Vedas viz. Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva, are as follows. One is the Pure Knowledge and the holistic physiology of the body (DNA and cell biology). The second is the science of Sound Energy Vibrations and the sensory system of the body. Another Veda describes the processing activity of the body and the nervous system. The fourth describes the Motoric Activities i.e. the movements and therapeutic applications.

Coming back to the science of sound, an important concept to understand is AUM - what the Vedas call the Cosmic Sound. AUM originates at the level of "inspiration" or beginning of pulsation described as Praan Shakti Spandan (Pulsation of Life Energy). The nature of the sound AUM is that it oscillates, in infinite cycles, each cycle divided into 7 parts (like an octave). These infinite cycles occupy all the planes of existence. Thus, AUM is both the Originator of Existence and the Supreme Sound. AUM incorporates three types of waves (relatively, long, medium and short) and it offers a universal, harmonizing field effect.

Through the content of the Vedas and Ayurveda one can understand how the quality of a "field" plays a huge role in the life of human beings. All the rituals described there are different therapeutic acts – food, medicine, five elemental interactions, festival do"s and don"ts - all based in the Quantum Field Theory. This is what has been described by the Vedas in a holistic manner, all meant to improve the quality of life.

Some people may be able to accept this entire concept, while others may not be able to conceive of it in their minds and therefore not accept it. In any case, it would be prejudicial to call this theory "superstition" or merely a claim, since it has been accepted only after seeing its results or effects whether in modern quantum science or the applications of the Vedas like Ayurveda. Some people connect this concept of the field effect with God, since one cannot see "God" in presence and action either, and is not easily conceived or perceivable by all.

There may be charlatans who misuse this concept, and charlatans exist in every field of activity in life. However, one cannot neglect the entire phenomenon of culturing and field effects just so that charlatans have no scope to operate. It would be, and has been, a major travesty and loss for humankind that sciences based on the quantum field effect, especially those that are capable of bringing health, well-being and prosperity to the masses, have been pushed into the background. It is high time that human society once again learns to take advantage of the amazing field effect (sanskaar) culture of the Vedas.

Shreeguru Balaji Tambe
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